Model generation definition of the crisis phenomena in the agricultural enterprises

Borash S. Myrzaliev, Gulmira Zh. Azretbergenova, Amanzhol Murat


The article deals with the presents and analyzes the key data of need to develop crisis models of agricultural enterprises and crisis management models for the development of agricultural production, which are determined by the risk presence.In unfavorable economic conditions, the main negative factors hindering the development of domestic agricultural enterprises are identified.The main factors of timely determination of crisis signs, its localization, the use of research components as preventive measures of recovery and restoration of solvency are the essence of recognition goals in the anti-crisis management of agricultural structures.The reasons for the emergence and development of the crisis situation in the economy are determined, a graphical model of the crisis situation corresponding to the stages of the life cycle of the agricultural enterprise is developed. In addition, the study considered the most important stages in the development of a crisis management model based on the evaluation of the effectiveness and monitoring of the results of the program, which allow determining the optimal actions to exit agricultural enterprises from the crisis.

Keyword: Crisis phenomena, crisis situations, building an anti-crisis model, crisis zone, crisis diagnosis, anticrisis management.


Б.С. Мырзалиев, Г.Ж. Азретбергенова, А. Мурат Ауыл шаруашылығы кәсіпорындарында дағдарыстық құбылыстарды анықтау модельдерін қалыптастыру // Экономика: стратегия және практика. — 2019 — № 2 (14) — б. 53-66.