New trends and trends in the development of world technologies

Kulyash A.Turkeeva, Gaukhar Kh.UmarovaAbstract

The article analyzes the experience of the scientific and technological development of a number of developed countries that have developed effective national innovation systems. The specificity of the formation of such systems in the USA, Japan, Europe (Switzerland, France, UK), where innovative mechanisms have turned from the means of solving certain socio-economic problems into a key factor in social development, is shown. It is concluded that the scientific, technological and innovative development should be developed and implemented as a long-term and effective scientific and industrial policy of the state. At the same time, a revision of views on the role of science in the modern world community and its reform in the post-Soviet countries is necessary. The current trends and factors affecting the existing paradigm of industrial growth, accompanied by an intensive expansion of its resource components, are considered. The problems of the transition to industrial growth based on the scientific and technological component are formulated and investigated, and the relevant prerequisites are analyzed in the form of a sufficiently developed industrial and scientific potential, the presence of broad sections of the educated population, and access to external sources of information and capital

Key words: Scientific and technical and technological progress, high technologies, innovations, globalization, technological gap, technological structure, scientific and technical integration, models of the future, investment activity


К.А. Туркеева, Г.Х. Умарова Әлемдік технологияларды дамытудағы жаңа трендтер мен үрдістер // Экономика: стратегия және практика. — 2019 — № 2 (14) — б. 109-124.