Sustainable development of rural areas is the most important factor in ensuring social security

Borash S.Myrzalyiev, Sabyr S.Nursymbat, Murat Amanzhol


The article examines the main factors of ensuring social security of the village on the basis of improving the social infrastructure of rural areas. The level of social threat to the development of rural areas is analyzed and the main problems of sustainable development of the agricultural complex, which is one of the basic prerequisites for the development of rural regions, are identified. The purpose of the study is to develop the conceptual framework for sustainable rural development, to justify the essence and define the social security of rural areas, to determine the most important indicators that form the system of parameters of social security of sustainable rural development. On the basis of the conducted research, methodical approaches to the assessment of social security of territorial systems are systematized, the assessment of internal threats to the socio-economic security of rural development is given. The most important indicators forming the system of parameters of social security of sustainable development of rural territories are determined.

Keywords: Social security, social infrastructure of rural areas, rural territories, social risks, social threats, crisis phenomena in rural areas, agriculture.


Б.С. Мырзалиев, Н.С. Сабыр, А. Мурат Ауылдық аумақтарды тұрақты дамыту-әлеуметтік қауіпсіздікті қамтамасыз етудің маңызды факторы // Экономика: стратегия және практика — 2020 — № 1 (15) — б. 37-52.