Review of Internet platforms for assessing the intellectual potential of the Republic of Kazakh- stan

Kymbаt N. Zhangalieva, Makpal S. Bekturganova, Nazerke A. Abilkaiyr


In the context of modern economic development, issues of the development of digital economies, especially during the period of the restructuring of a number of countries on the rails of the fourth industrial revolution, are becoming particularly relevant. The formation of the digital economy is an urgent task for the development of the country, the solution of which is able to reflect the challenges of global competition and ensure national security. Thanks to the rapid development of information and communication technologies, a basis has emerged for the development of the digital economy and the subsequent digital transformation of industries, where one of the key elements is digital platforms, which are not just a built-in hardware-software complex, but a system of interconnected applications, programs and business operations that ensure the effective functioning of all processes in the company. In the framework of this scientific article, approaches to the concept of “digital platform” and its typology are examined in detail. Particular attention was paid to open educational resources (OER), open / virtual laboratories, social networks of scientists and crowdfunding platforms. For each of them, an example was given from foreign and domestic platforms, a comparative analysis was carried out.

Keywords: digital transformation, digital platforms, typology of digital platforms, crowdfunding, open learning resources.


Жангалиева К.Н., Бектурганова М.С., Абилкайыр Н.А. ҚР зияткерлік әлеуетін бағалауға арналған интернет-платформаларға шолу // Экономика: стратегия және практика. — 2020 — № 4 (15) — б. 183-193.