Methodological approaches to assessing the management system of a modern enterprise

Maxim Yu.Dikanov, Irina S.Kuvaldina


The article discusses the terminology of the concept of “management” and “management system” as the most important aspects of modern enterprises from the perspective of various authors, as well as a review of methodological approaches to assessing the effectiveness of modern enterprise management systems. The effectiveness of the management system is considered from the point of view of two approaches: economic and social efficiency. Both approaches are presented as a system of indicators that can be used to quantify the management system of a modern enterprise. The paper presents the calculation of performance indicators of the management system on the example of a hypothetical enterprise in quantitative determinants. For a more accurate assessment of the effectiveness of the management system based on the calculated indicators, the Lorenz – Meissel balanced scorecard models are used. In addition, in order to better characterize the management system operating in the enterprise, the concept of “management grid” is used, which includes two components of the Manager’s work: attention to solving production problems, and the second – attention to people. In order to increase the economic efficiency of the enterprise management system, the following measures are proposed: 1. Improvement of labor regulation of administrative and managerial personnel. 2. Improving the organization of production and labor by improving the use of working time of administrative and managerial personnel. 3. Reduce the maintenance costs of the management unit. The economic feasibility of the proposed measures is proved using advanced modern methods that prove the effectiveness of the presented measures, which is reflected in the table of technical and economic indicators of the forecast period.

Keyword: management, management system, management system efficiency, management models, management grid.


Диканов М.Ю., Кувалдина И.С. Методологические подходы к оценке системы управления современным предприятием // Экономика: стратегия и практика. — 2020 — № 4 (15) — С. 21-38.