Evaluation of tourism industry’s strategic management in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Nurzhan D.Kenzhebekov, Gulmira K.Zambinova, Roza S.Bespayeva, Assel K.Kabdybay, Zaure B.Zambinova


The purpose of the study is to analyze the implementation of the program targets of the strategic planning of Kazakhstan’s tourism and determine the main strategic directions for the development of the tourism industry in Kazakhstan.
The analysis showed that a large territory of the country, long distances, insufficiently long climatic season requires more global investments in the development of tourist infrastructure. MID RK assessed that the level of activity of the Department of tourism industry is poorly satisfactory. Tourism development strategic indicators are not correspond to the reality and potential of the tourism industry. Often the indicators of various program documents are not interrelated and contradict each other. According to the current policy, it can be concluded that currently tourism remains a development priority only on paper.
A number of system directions directly influencing on the level of tourism development is defined: 1) сompetitive tourist destination in the international tourism market. 2) development of tourist destinations at the regional or local level. 3) development of a clustered network approach based on tourist destinations.
Keywords: strategic management, tourism industry, tourism development strategy, tourist infrastructure, strategic indicators, tourist cluster.


Н.Кенжебеков, Г.Замбинова, Р.Беспаева, А.Қабдыбай, З.Замбинова Оценка стратегического управления развитием туристской отрасли в Республике Казахстан // Экономика: стратегия и практика — 2019 — № 1 (14) — С. 97-108.