The Silk Road economic belt is a new stage in the infrastructure development of Kazakhstan

Azimkhan A. Satybaldin


The article deals with the issues of scientific, technical and transit-transport and logistics development between the countries belonging to the Silk Road Economic Belt. In the future, it is expected that this will contribute to a higher level of development of regional partnerships. Also on a global scale, the center of gravity of globalization will shift towards the integration of a much smaller number of regional entities.
The socio-economic effect of the infrastructure project of the Silk Road Economic Belt will be the deepening of integration processes and the elimination of restrictions in the movement of goods, services, capital, human resources between the countries participating in the agreement; development of international specialization and cooperation in production, science and technology; co-financing of the economy and its innovation mechanism; structural changes in the economies of the participating countries; approximation of national laws, norms and standards, etc.
The results of the study can be used to create special economic areas, border trade, economic and industrial zones. The article is intended to attract the attention of Kazakhstani entrepreneurs and investors with the aim of enhancing their participation in the process of creating economic facilities, establishing mutually beneficial partnership, creating favorable conditions in the border regional territories.
Keywords: Silk Road economic belt, national economy, infrastructure, modernization, transit.


А.А.Сатыбалдин «Жібек жолы» Экономикалық белдеуі Қазақстанның жаңғыртуға бастар жаңа қадамы // Экономика: стратегия и практика. — 2019 — № 1 (14) — б. 9-25.