Problems and prospects of the development of knowledge-based productions in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Azimkhan A. Satybaldin, Rimma К. Sagiyeva, Aziza S.Zhuparova


The process of formation of the knowledge-intensive economy of Kazakhstan, accompanied by a huge shortage and dissociation of research personnel, lack of innovative ideas for commercialization, as well as a lack of demand for innovation from the business side, makes it possible to state its focal mosaic character. Among the reasons, called experts, the deep is the lack of a competitive environment, so incentives for innovation, dictated by external noneconomic factors (government policy, curiosity of the inventor, etc.) are not a source of improving the economic efficiency of innovation. One of the main reasons for the insignificant development of knowledge-intensive industries in Kazakhstan, according to experts, is the lack of funding for research and development activities, accompanied by low efficiency in the use of financial resources in the scientific sector. The results obtained in the course of the study make it possible not only to assess the current state of the system of financing high-tech industries, but also provide an opportunity to critically comprehend the influence of various factors hindering the successful development of the knowledge economy in the regions of our country.

Key words: high technology economy; knowledge based economy; management of knowledge-based economies.


А.А.Сатыбалдин, Р.К.Сагиева, А.С.Жупарова Проблемы и перспективы развития наукоемких производств в Республике Казахстан // Экономика: стратегия и практика. — 2019 — № 2 (14) — С. 9-24.