Theoretical and methodological analysis of the problems in innovation management at the enterprises of the oil and gas industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Diana A. Aitimova


The aim of the study is to research current advances in improving the management of oil and gas enterprises in Kazakhstan on the basis of innovative approaches. To this end, a number of interrelated tasks have been proposed: increasing efficiency in the management of service, production, financial, social and environmental services. The following scientific research methods were used in the work: comparative analysis, system-functional, process, motivational and situational approaches to innovative management of oil and gas enterprises. The results of the research study are the provisions on problems in the efficiency of management of the oil and gas industry. The contradictions between large financial investments in the research sector of this industry and poor efficiency in the implementation of rationalization, inventive and innovative approaches to management are shown. The problems in the implementation of the vertical integration model in industry management, poor competitiveness of industry management in comparison with modern innovative foreign approaches in managing this sector of the economy. The article analyzes the theoretical and methodological approaches available in the scientific literature to the formation of an innovative economy, considers the role of using advanced processes at the present stage of economic development of society in order to achieve sustainable development; A comparative analysis of the innovation activity of Kazakhstani enterprises with the state in developed countries was conducted and a conclusion was drawn on the need to search and find innovative strategies in the management of oil and gas companies. Based on the study, the article concluded that it is necessary to use new technologies for the extraction and processing of promising oil and gas fields. In addition, it substantiates the conclusion that it is advisable to develop and modernize oil pipeline systems and the entire transport and logistics infrastructure of the republic’s oil and gas industry.

Keywords: oil and gas industry, innovative management, economic development.


Д.А. Айтимова Теоретико-методологический анализ проблем управления инновационной деятельностью на предприятиях нефтегазовой отрасли Республики Казахстан // Экономика: стратегия и практика. — 2019 — № 3 (14) — С. 127-136.