The main fields and results of activity of the Institute of Economics CS MES RK for 2019

Azimkhan A. Satybaldin


The paper deals with the main directions and results of scientific and organizational activities of the Institute of Economics of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan for 2019. The material reflects the Institute’s implementation of the grant research and the project of program-targeted research. The main results of scientific research carried out in 2019 included the following areas: development of forecast scenarios for the development of traditional and new industries in the knowledge-based economy; justification of the directions of export diversification in Kazakhstan; determination of localization prerequisites and development of methods for assessing the potential of local knowledge-intensive sectors; identification of features of the formation of human capital development in Kazakhstan and ensuring its professional update; development of priorities for the new quality of life of the population in the conditions of innovative economy and upgrading of public consciousness; analysis of the mechanism of financial support of the economy of Kazakhstan and the development of the international financial hub; work on justification, adaptation and testing of information resources.

Keywords: Institute of Economics, research work, research results, grant and program-targeted funding.


А.А. Сатыбалдин Основные направления и результаты деятельности Института экономики КН МОН РК за 2019 год // Экономика: стратегия и практика — 2020 — № 1 (15) — C. 11-23