Improving the national qualifications system as a factor in the formation of a new quality of human capital

Azimkhan A. Satybaldin, Ildar N. Dauranov, Zaure K.Chulanova, Nazerke A.Abilkayir


The aim of the work is to study approaches to the formation of a qualification system in order to improve the quality of human capital in the labor market in the context of the economy. digitalization. The article discusses the issues of quality modernization of the vocational and educational sphere based on the creation of a national system of qualifications (NSQ). The methodology of developing professional standards, which are a key element of the NSQ, is studied, and recommendations are given for improving this process using the competency-based approach. The results of the study show that currently the NSQ of Kazakhstan is in its infancy. Moreover, the processes of its formation are quite complicated and contradictory. The main drawback of the current NSQ model, determined on the basis of an analysis of its composition and content, is the lack of such fundamental elements as state compulsory education standards and educational programs, which contradicts the best practices of developed countries. The main methodological problem is that in the currently developed national and industry-specific qualifications frameworks and professional standards, digital competencies are not included as an independent component. The organizational problem consists in the insufficiently coordinated and effective institutional and organizational mechanism. This is due to barriers existing in the current system of state executive bodies. This is manifested in the fact that the work on the formation of the NSQ, affecting the areas of labor and education, is not sufficiently interconnected and not synchronized in time. In order to improve the currently used institutional and organizational mechanism for the formation of the NSQ, it is advisable to consider the creation of an authorized state body or institute of development. This is due to the scale and complexity of the work to create a full-fledged effective NSQ aimed at providing conditions for the formation of a new quality of human capital and will increase its competitiveness in the domestic and foreign labor markets.

Keywords: national qualifications system, competencies, human capital, professional standards, education.


Сатыбалдин А.А., Дауранов И.Н., Чуланова З.К., Абилкайыр Н.А. Совершенствование национальной системы квалификаций как фактор формирования нового качества человеческого капитала // Экономика: стратегия и практика. — 2020 — № 3 (15) — С. 11-23.