Problems and prospects of investment cooperation of Kazakhstan and the European Union

Akimzhan A.Arupov, Aina B.Otarbayeva


The article explores the formatiomt and development of investment cooperation between Kazakhstan and the countries of the European Union. The dynamics, species structure and industry priorities of the accumulated and annual mutual investments between Kazakhstan and the EU countries are analyzed, and the main problems of reducing the investment flow from the European Union are identified. The purpose of the study is to identify the problematic aspects of cooperation between Kazakhstan and the EU countries, to consider methods to improve the investment attractiveness of Kazakhstan for foreign investors, which contributes to the further development of investment relations. The article used methods for describing and analyzing special scientific books, reports of state bodies, legal acts and other sources on investment relations. The method of SWOT analysis was used, on the basis of which it is possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Kazakhstan for investors. The result and conclusions of the study. The scale of investment cooperation between Kazakhstan and the EU countries, carried out on a developing institutional basis, however, the investment flow has an uneven trend. The EU is a key Kazakhstan partner in investment import processes. For the countries of the united Europe, the mining industry of Kazakhstan is of particular interest and changes in raw material prices lead to a decrease in investment flow. To avoid dependence on energy prices, Kazakhstan needs to develop separate investment projects with priority countries of the European Union, and eliminate factors such as bureaucracy, corruption, etc. It is proposed to increase motivation to create individual preferences for foreign investors from EU countries. In addition to cooperation with the European Commission, pay attention to cooperation with a direct investor.

Keywords: Republic of Kazakhstan, the European Union, foreign direct investment, cooperation, trade, investment attractiveness.


Арупов А.А., Отарбаева А.Б. Актуальные проблемы и перспективы инвестиционного сотрудничества Казахстана и ЕС // Экономика: стратегия и практика. — 2020 — № 3 (15) — С. 97-110.